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Sometimes when the moon is full

Sometimes when the moon is full

I was born under a full moon and sometimes when the sky is lit up by her cool blue light I will stare at her for hours filled with a strange longing deep in my bones. She stirs in me a need to dance among the trees and the stars. A need to feel the moist grass beneath my bare feet and the cool wind touching my hair. Hers is a call to step into a place outside of time, a place where words are found in silence, where dance is sacred and secrets are revealed to those who dare look for them.

It is a place where an ancient vibe pulsing through my veins is calling my name while echoing the faint voices of the women in my linage.

“Come, beautiful one. Join us”… they softly whisper. We are the wild women, the witches, the healers, the mothers, the crones… We lived our lives to heal, to hold, to bare life into this world, to bring wisdom and compassion to the Earth. You are the result of our collective energy. You are a healer born to walk this path.

Now, is your time, beautiful one.


They walked the Earth with humble hearts filled with ancient secrets of nature and magic passed down from one generation to the next. Sometimes whispered under the cover of darkness and sometimes shared joyfully on bright sunny days among majestic trees who held secrets of their own.

These secrets lived deep in the bones of my linage and now they are my secrets too. Passed down to me through time and space—an integral part of who I am on a deep, deep level. Some I remember as clearly as if I had lived them myself, others are just a vague knowing somewhere in the depth of my heart.

Each woman lived to be a goddess of the land. Brave, strong, soft and fiercely protective of the children she bore into this world from the land behind the vail, and the men with whom sacred unions had been agreed upon long before any of it came into psychical form. These were the warriors who’s DNA were imprinted in the bones of every child.

Sometimes on cold winter nights I can here the sounds of the fires these women build to dance in sacred ritual to offer their very beings to the Goddess.

These were the healers of the Earth born to run wild and free, to sing their songs and dance their dances in celebration of all that is good, all that is holy.

They carried in them sorry, pain, betrayal, joy, laughter and love. So much love. Some were healed and some were not and thus leaving the task of doing so to those who would follow.

And now, now every time the moon is full, they whisper across time and space to remind us of the task yet left to be done. Of the wounds yet to be healed, the love yet to be shared.

And so, we feel the pull of the moon deep, deep within our bones and we understand that we are healers—born to walk this path.

Now. Now is our time.

Come beautiful one, join me.


// by Bark.™ // Walking Wilder™

© All rights reserved

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