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about the artist

I am hugely inspired by nature, it's shapes and forms, it's sounds and smells, it's colors and it's diversity. 

I am a lover of good coffee, red wine, bonefires, the Ocean, long walks in the woods, and deep conversations with interesting people over food made with love.

"Love life and chances are it will love you right back" 


On the right is my Makers Mark >>>

Most of my Sculptures have that mark except for very early work.

My images are signed and dated.


All my work is protected under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

Use of any of my images or content on this or any other platform in any way without my explicit written consent is strictly forbidden. 

If you want to feature my work on your blog you can

contact me here.

©2023 by Bark. // p.Barksdale


My Makers Mark

FYI: I use to create under the name Idestudiet™ so you might have encountered some of my sculptures with that name. 

I have, however, decided on a new beginning including a new name after a long break from creating due to an extensive battle

with Stress. 

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