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Sometimes on cold foggy mornings

Sometimes on cold foggy mornings

when the wind howls outside my windows

and the owls tell of times past

I feel a need deep in my Soul

an urge to get up

and wander

to follow my Heart

to trust my Soul

to go on adventures

guided by the faint whispers of

the Ancient Ones

who's memories

run deep within my bones.

A need to belong to the land

to embrace the wildness

to know myself

and to search for love

but not the ordinary kind

not the kind filled with tasks

of everyday living

rather the kind that burns

the kind that leaves scares

on your Soul

teach lessons worth many lifetimes

speaks of truth and betrayal

the kind that tears your heart wide open

the kind that you fear more than anything

because, you know there will be no return

no not knowing that kind of love, once you have felt it

Sometimes on cold foggy mornings

I toy with the idea

of leaving it all behind

and wander the land

in search of that which is calling my heart

trough time and space

to follow the ancient old path of the wild woman

and merge with the land

knowing that only there will I truly find my heart.


// by Bark.™ // Walking Wilder™

© All rights reserved

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