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in the early hours...

In the early hours of the day just before the sun makes his comeback across the Eastern skies I sit and stare out my windows. My heart uneasy from the wild thoughts of the night. The coldness of the morning air surrounding me and slowly seeping though the blankets.

I know.

I know something is off, beautiful one. Something is unsaid, undone, undecided. unsettled. It is vague as such things often are. Only a hit of something deep in my Soul. Both unknown and strangely familiar at the same time.

I listen.

Silence filled the air as specs of dust gently fall from the beams above me. Where are you in all of this? I am not sure. Not able to feel you in this. Strangely out of touch with the us I have known. Questions fill the air without making any sounds at all. Answers no where to be found.

I wait.

I wait and I listen knowing that at some point my Soul will answer the call. At some point my knowing will go from being vague to almost psychical form and I will see everything clearly.

In the meantime I just love you not needing it to be anything less, anything more than what it is.

I love.


// by Bark.™ // Walking Wilder™

© All rights reserved

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