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Have you danced with your shadows?

Have you danced with your shadows? Do you dare to walk past everything you have been taught you were and go through the fires of your own trembling heart in order to search for everything you can become on the other side?

These roads are not easy. They are not places filled with flowers and hummingbirds. Rather they run through corridors of darkness, past places filled with puddles of fear alongside lingering despair created from all the disappointments you have ever lived. There are corners filled with tears and moments of regrets and caves so dark and deep you wonder if you will ever find your way out of them again.

But there are also rooms filled with light so bright that you do not dare to own it. Reflections of those you admire, because they carry images of who you wish you could be not realizing that all of those things are, in fact, already in you. Only you do not see them, and even if you did, you are to blinded by the light to love yourself enough to own them.

The Land of the Shadows is indeed a strange place. It exists somewhere deep in the darkest place of your heart not fare from places you might vaguely remember having been to in your nightmares.

It is a place you must journey long and fare in order to reach, and you must know that being in that place will rip you apart. It will bring you to your knees from the pure pain of living. It will show you things you wish you never knew about yourself……and then. Just when you think this place holds nothing good, you will start to see the light through the tears you have cried. You will start to see that which was seen as darkness through new eyes, and you will notice the mosaic of beautiful colors you never saw before. And they grow in brightness as you walk the road becoming familiar with its every turn.

On this journey there is no place to hide. Once you are on this road you must move forward. You must face what comes at your roaring fiercely from pinned up childhood fears longing to once again see the daylight. It is not a journey one can do in a few hours, days or even years. It will go on for decades, sometimes lifetimes. But it will bring you to places you never dared dream about and you will grow, oh darling you will grow so much. And you will know yourself in ways, you never thought possible.

And then one day, you will have walked past most of it. I say most, because darkness is never easy to leave behind because it lives so deep in the human experience that we might never truly rid ourselves of it entirely. And truthfully, we do not need to. Rather dance with both darkness and light and see the lessons life has brought you as the gifts they are.

Then you have mastered the Land of the Shadows and you may dance a whole new kind of dance. One filled with the kind of freedom only knowledge about one self can bring.

So dance, beautiful one. Dance. Dance your way to freedom.


by Bark.™ // Walking Wilder™

©All Rights Reserved

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