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Do you know how to love well?

Do you know how to love well?

Not the kind of love that comes easily created from the spell of glamor and remind you of fairytales you were told as a child, but the kind that sees the heart and soul of your beloved? The kind that holds sacred space for conversations to unfold long into the night in ways you never imagined. The kind that leads to journeys you never thought you would make and brings lessons that you have lived to avoid for decades.

The kind of love that forgives without blame because it knows that nothing you ever felt has to do with the other person but rather with your own story and the scars you carry in your heart.

Do you love with the kind of love that gets up in the middle of the night and wanders in the darkness, because you soul senses that your loving arms are needed, and even though you are fare away there is nothing you would rather do, than be the one to wipe the tears of the face you have grown to love with a fierceness that scares you in moments of solitude.

Do you love with the kind of love that makes sense out of things that have never made sense before. The kind of love that is pure connection and intuitively knows that this, this can never again, not be, because in all reality it has always been, and always will be.

Do you know this kind of love, beautiful one?


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