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Are you sure?

Are you sure, beautiful one? You must be sure. You must want me with every inch of your Soul. There must be no hesitation, no holding back, no room to question whether or not the feelings in your heart are real or just an attempt to project a deep seeded need to be seen, held and loved out into the world. There must be raw authenticity behind what you bring to this table. A willingness to be vulnerable, to risk losing yourself in this thing we have together.

You see, beautiful one. I will never be anyones second choice. There is no place for uncertainty—you are either in or you are out. And if you are in, you must be willing to see where this leads. You must be willing to cut all ties and walk with me on this journey that we have started together. There is no security. No guarantees. Only two hearts on a shared journey to explore weather or not what we feel is real. Weather or not it can stand the test of time, of every day living, of tears, hurts and the insecurities we both bring.

If we are to test this. If we are to risk everything there is to risk, you must know without a doubt that this is where your loyalty lies, this is where your energy flows, this is where your attention goes. This is what your heart longs for. This is not to say that there is any certainty of how it will go. One can never know that. But there must be a joint willingness to be present, to hold space for that which lies between us in order for it to prosper and grow.

If you cannot do this, all I ask is that you are brave enough, real enough, strong enough to say so. Do not take my hand under false pretenses, beautiful one. Do you not see that once we walk this road, you carry a piece of my heart?

Do you not know that trust no longer comes to me easily. Life will do that to you when you live long enough. It’s not that I do not want to trust, but I have seen my heart being lost in someone else's story too many times and the last time I finally promised myself, never again. And I intent to keep that promise. This dance with another Soul will make or break you at your core with it’s demands of being raw, of being vulnerable, of embracing everything you have ever feared. It will call on you to show up, to be authentic, to speak your truth, to trust your intuition and go forward once again even though your feet might tremble. It will ask you to risk everything. Everything. And so I ask you; are you ready to risk it all? Are you ready to be real with me, with yourself, with the world? Are you ready?

~by Bark.

Walking Wilder // P. Barksdale

© all rights reserved

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