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After all these years

After all these years...

I want a man who isn’t going to hide from his inner darkness

I want a man who isn’t afraid to stand in the fire with me

Who won’t let go of my hand when life gets hard

Who isn't going to hide from, run from or downplay pain

Who will pull me in when I want to leave

Who will hold me when I need it most

Who will kiss the tears from my eyes with gentle tenderness

A man who sees the lines on my face as a sign of strength and a life lived

A man who knows that nothing takes greater courage that being vulnerable with the one who holds your heart in their hands

A man who will touch my soul, embrace my heart and set my body on fire with a passion only meant for him.

I want a man who isn’t afraid to let me see his pain—nor afraid to see mine

A man who doesn't hide or pretend to be less than the warrior soul he is—even if he is on his knees crumbled from the pain life has dealt him

A man who will look into my eyes and not shrink back when he sees a glimpse of eternity

A man strong enough to hold his own life yet willing to let me in it

A man not afraid to ask for my support nor afraid to give his when needed

A man who will let me hold him when his heart is bleeding, and be brave enough to let me see his softer side, trusting that I will not walk away when he needs me most

A man who knows that love is worth every bit of pain we have gone through to get where we are at

A man who understands that nothing can ever be promised in life beyond the love in your heart, and therefor appreciates the gift of every breath we take together

A man, who after having suffered, hasn't become hardened by life but is still willing to risk having his heart ripped wide open for a chance to love again

A man who honor the woman in his life with every breath he takes and embraces every bit of wild, crazy, soulful, goddess power that lives deep in my bones …

That’s the kind of man I want. Because, after all these years, rain, sunshine, darkness and light, I have finally learned that I am indeed worthy of such a man—and him of me.


by Bark.™ // Walking Wilder™

© All rights reserved

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