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The sacred dance through time

The Sacred Dance through Time

I look at you and realize that you are my gift to myself. Created from a softer place than in the past. A gift bringing connection, passion and depth — a place where the Goddess and Warrior energy resides and slowly raises up to hold a new, yet ancient world, as we find each other again through time and space as so many lifetimes before.

A world where eyes see beyond the surface into the depth of the Soul, a place where passion comes from a primal place filled with the longing of the generations that came before us.

A place where kisses are promises of a shared commitment to pure pleasure for whatever time we have. No promises of the number of days because we both know by now, that nothing lasts forever.

Hours, days, years — no one can know, and what is important is not the number of days the time around, but your breath close to mine, your body pressed against me in a perfect dance where time and space dissolves into a soft darkness, where, for a while, all that is left in the Universe is you and I wrapped in a world filled with the echoes of the thousands of loves that came before this moment.

A sacred place where Soul and body merge in a dance of life beyond our understanding of eternity.


// by Bark.™ // Walking Wilder™

© All rights reserved

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